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The podiatrists are taking bookings from our existing and new clients now:

Angela Vanderpump 

Rebecca Jones

Marcia Crocker

We also continue to offer a podiatry home visit service.  This is offered to housebound clients only. This is because we feel it is beneficial to receive treatment within a clinical setting and we offer a bespoke service. Please contact us to discuss your needs and our availability.

We now also offer a nail cutting service provided by our Assistant Podiatrist, Amy Birch. Amy is currently completing the Royal College of Podiatry Assistant Practitioner training. Please see our ‘Treatments and Prices’ below for more information or contact us. 

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Our Podiatrists are regulated by the Health & Care Professions Council, and are members of the Royal College of Podiatry

The Health and Care Professions Council is the regulator for health and care professions in the UK. The Royal College of Podiatry is the premier podiatry organisation in the UK which amongst other things provides professional practice guidance. 

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This will include an in-depth consultation focused on your concerns with your lower limbs and feet being assessed. 

A medical history, including any current medication, will be noted. A treatment plan will be agreed with you and an initial treatment will be commenced with any remaining appointment time. However it may be necessary to book a further appointment to complete this treatment.

Conditions and problems we regularly give advice and treatment on include:

  • Athlete’s foot 

  • Corns and callus

  • Verrucae 

  • Ingrown toenails 

  • Fungal nails 

  • Plantar fasciitis/heel pain



Nails will be cut, reduced in thickness if needed and filed. Hard skin and corns will be removed. The treatment will conclude with the application of emollient. The podiatrist will give advice and assess any problems with the aim to reduce further recurrence. Self-care and footwear advice will also be given.



This appointment will be with our Assistant Podiatrist, Amy Birch, under the supervision of Podiatrists Angela Vanderpump and Rebecca Jones.

This appointment is ideal for regular toenail cutting. We recommend clients to attend this appointment every 6-8 weeks. The treatment will conclude with the application of emollient and a foot massage.

Please note: bookings can only be made following new patient assessment by one of our Podiatrists. 



Dressing change/aftercare



Your feet will be assessed for verruca diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed and agreed at this appointment. An initial treatment will be provided at the first appointment. There are several treatment options available - please follow this link.

A parent/guardian should attend with any client under the age of 18.

It is normal for more than one appointment for any verruca treatment.

Follow up appointments will be booked ahead at a cost of £20.

We also offer Verruca Pen, a plasma verruca treatment.

From £60 (first appointment)

More information about Verruca Pen treatment can be found here:



Diabetic clients can have an increased risk of infection and ulceration, and therefore it is advised to be seen by a Podiatrist annually at a minimum.
The Podiatrist will provide a diabetic foot assessment to monitor any loss of sensation and check the blood circulation in your feet. The condition of your skin and nails, and your foot structure and function will also be checked. Your footwear will also be assessed. 
The Podiatrist will help you to look after your feet and reduce the risk of infection and ulceration. Documentation and a letter with results will be supplied for your GP (with your consent). 




Specialist insoles can bring comfort and cushioning to your footwear. An orthotic is an in-shoe device which is designed to redistribute the body’s weight across the whole of the sole of the foot and therefore correct irregular walking patterns. The wearing of an orthotic is a commitment in same way glasses are worn to correct vision. They are effective in reducing pain and often reduce the amount of hard skin formation.



This exclusive Podiatry speciality, LCN Wilde-Pedique Toenail Reconstruction, is only undertaken in medical business premises and is now available at 63 Queensway.
We offer this treatment to men and women who suffer from unsightly toenails, maybe you have suffered foot trauma, or damaged your nails playing sport, or your nail may be misshapen from fungal infection?
We can create a bespoke, cosmetically reconstructed nail which will look natural and real. The treatment has an antimycotic ingredient which prevents nail infections and reduces spread of germs, so it can be used on fungal nails. 
It is possible to also have anti-fungal nail treatment alongside the nail reconstruction process.


Nail surgery is usually performed for ingrown toenails, if conservative measures have not succeeded in resolving this problem. It provides alleviation of pain from an ingrowing or deformed nail, you will feel more comfortable when wearing shoes, it prevents infection associated with ingrowing toenails (no need for antibiotics anymore). 
There are alternate treatments to nail surgery which are conservative and available as a regular Nail Care and Maintenance appointment.
Nail surgery cost is from £400 and includes post-operative dressing appointments and the dressing pack.

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