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Updated: May 17, 2020

63 Queensway is now closed for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 virus. As you will be aware, the situation regarding the virus and the speed of cross-infection is changing daily.

We have taken into account Government health advice and advice of our professional body, and this means that the balance of risk of spreading the virus is now outweighing the ability to continue to open for appointments.

If you are in EXCEPTIONAL pain or think you may have an infection, please contact us.

Either by telephone, 01243 867443, or email This will be checked daily, and you will be contacted to have a risk assessment and advice from the podiatrist, who may be able to see you for this emergency problem. Otherwise, please contact your GP for advice and help.

Please follow Government advice and self isolate if you are over 70, or have underlying health issues. If you are not in these categories, please socially distance yourself as much as possible and stay at home.

We extend to our clients and the local community our very best wishes during this world public health crisis period.

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