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Nail salons 'high-risk' zones for infection, podiatrists say

**Interesting article from the Australian podiatrist Joe Brooks which is also becoming increasingly noticeable in the UK.**

Podiatrist’s in the UK are also observing the growing increase in bacterial and fungal infections in clients who visit nail salons, which are not necessarily monitored and if they are checked by local councils it is certainly not by a high level regulatory health care body.

We take infection control very seriously. Reducing the transmission of micro- organisms like bacteria, viruses and fungal infections is paramount for the safe treatment of clients attending 63 Queensway. Our regulatory body, the College of Podiatry, sets out infection control procedures involving decontamination and sterilisation of instruments which are strictly adhered to.

To help maintain healthy looking nails we recommend and supply Dr. Remedy nail care polish and treatments, formulated with the health of your nail in mind. They can be used in conjunction with tropical fungal medications and nail fungus prevention products and should not perpetuate the condition.

* Vegan

* Suitable for diabetes

* Clients recovering from chemotherapy

* In pregnancy

* For children to limit their exposure to formaldehyde

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